Hailing from Oakland, California, freestyle specialist Mistah F.A.B. recently sat down with Norega and DJ EFN on Drinks Champs alongside west coast legend Too $hort and Luniz‘s Yukmouth to drop nothing but unique hip-hop tales. F.A.B. told an interesting account of his humble experience in the battle rap circuit involving Royce Da 5’9 that lead to the formation of Slaughterhouse.

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In 2007, F.A.B. battled Royce Da 5’9 at Sounds of Brazil (S.O.B.s) in New York City and represented the skill in its purest form, leaving the crowd in awe after not only going at Royce but dissing everyone who was in the room that day.

After the battle with Royce, F.A.B. conducts an abundance of interviews and during his stop at Sway Calloway‘s show, when asked about his thoughts about Royce Da 5’9, the young west coast spitter dissed the Detriot rapper labeling his as an “old n***a” saying “that n***a’s trash.”


Word got around to Royce and he decided to respond with a track, his well-acclaimed drop titled “Who Got Bodied” which made its debut on HipHopDX. “The streets will teach you/I love for The Bay nigga, Skee my people/The problem is, you think you lyrically my equal/But that don’t balance out I gotta Keak the Sneak you…”

In response to the Royce diss, F.A.B. dropped “You Got Bodied,” where according to F.A.B. he also dissed Joe Budden. In result of the track, Budden and Royce began to beef due to Joe constantly roasting 5’9 for allowing F.A.B. to body him. Eventually, the two became friends in light of their commonality against Mistah F.A.B. and later on, Crooked I and Joel Ortiz joined in on the anti-F.A.B. ring triggering the formation of the Slaughterhouse collective.

This account is that of Mistah F.A.B.’s, which may seem highly probable being the formation of the notable group occurred post his beef with Royce, which bloomed a friendship between Royce and Budden, who is obviously the foundation of the collective. This may be an example of taking the best part out of every bad situation, and turning it into something grand.

Watch Mistah F.A.B. tell his tale alongside Too $hort and Yukmouth on Drink Champs, below!