SMACK/URL veteran battle rapper and recording artists Tay Roc of Baltimore, MD has established himself as one of the premiere battle rappers in the world at the moment and the battle emcee to match up with on SMACK/URL.

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Recording music and battling for well over a decade, the Gun Bar King of Cave Gang has gone from strength to strength over the years. Widely known for his impressive performances, aggression on stage, delivery, endless gun bars and punchlines all delivered with electrifying energy, Tay Roc has shown and proved over the years and is widely one of the favourite battle emcees that is dominating the top tier of URL over recent years.

Tay Roc fully burst onto the scene as a 16-year-old back in 2005 with a series of heated battles well beyond his years. He then battled Four5th Fokuz, Charlie Clips (2009) and Kaboom (mid-2010) all on Loaded Lux’s Lionz Den, on Baltimore Battles, Queen Of The Ring, on UDUBB vs Charron and vs Arsonal plus many more.


Tay Roc has an extensive list of numerous memorable battles on SMACK / URL over the last eight years, including battles against Hollow Da Don, Dizaster, Chess, Calicoe, Rum Nitty, DNA, Tsu Surf, Brizz Rawstein, Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla, JC, John John Da Don, Ill Will, Cortez, QP, Rich Dolarz, B Magic, K-Shine and initially Shotgun Suge. Tay Roc has already amassed tens of millions of views and has created a lasting legacy along the way too. The sky only seems the limit in the battle world and beyond – exciting to see what happens next.