If you remember, just a week ago actress Zendaya announced she will be leaving the Disney Channel for good. She told her fans the big news via Twitter, “Tonight is the last episode of KC, and therefore my last episode on Disney channel… The end of an era. On to the next. Thank you for continuing to grow with me.”

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Well, it looks like she has had a change of heart. Although the 21-year-old has moved on to bigger and better things, she seeks to create a space for those coming up after her. She wants to return to the Disney Channel, but this time she wants to be behind the scenes.

“I definitely want to maybe produce another show with Disney Channel, maybe develop something or create more stories that I think are powerful roles—especially for women and women of color. So I think it’s important that young people see themselves on the screen and are able to relate to that,” Zendaya told Entertainment Weekly.

Many don’t know, but Zendaya played a huge part in KC Undercover. After rejecting the show’s original title Super Awesome Katy, she also demanded that the show feature a family of color, and that her character’s talent not be singing or dancing, like past Disney stars.


“The NO.1 thing for this show all along was empowerment—especially female empowerment. I wanted to make sure that there was a strong female character, and I think it’s cool that young women and young men can both look up and say, Wow, I want to be like this girl,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Zendaya is set to return as Michelle ‘MJ’ Jones in the new Spider Man sequel, as well as produce and star in A White Lie, which is a true story about the first black woman to attend Vassar College.