Lavar Ball is much different from any parent of a pro athlete we have seen.

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He is extremely vocal, brash in his approach and takes every non conventional approach to many instances. He’s become one of biggest media personalities in sports. Despite his statements, we can assure he has the upmost confidence in his three boys, Lonzo (20) LaMelo (19) and LiAngelo (16) and is persistent in his efforts to getting his younger sons to the NBA.

In 2017, he made a number of headlines.


First, he removed LiAngelo from Chino Hills High School. According to Lavar, no one can coach his sons better than he can, even at the pro level as well. After a overseas theft incident, LaMelo was suspended indefinitely by the UCLA basketball team. Having no interest in losing time and experience, The Big Baller Brand (BBB) struck a deal with the Lithuanian Basketball Club.

Recently, it was reported that Lonzo would not resign with the Lakers if the team does not sign his younger brothers. Since those comments were released, the Lakers have not respond and don’t need to. Lavar is a polarizing figure in sports media, and has gained this notoriety with what he has said and done.

At the end of the day, Lonzo is a professional athlete. Although family is prority, Lavar must trust his parenting and allow his eldest son to be a man and a pro basketball player. If not it will only stifle his son’s growth and stock as a player. Lonzo needs to frankly let his father know that his comments about the Lakers doesn’t help him in any way. His career in LA may be short-lived if this continues. He needs to stand up to his father. But it probably won’t happen. *Kanye shrug*  We’ll continue to tune in to the Lavar Ball show.

Lonzo is currently sidelined with injury and is expected to return after the NBA All-Star break. We’ll continue to keep watch and update you on how this plays out.