On this Valentine’s Day, Netflix is encouraging couples to save a few dollars and staying home. Are you ready to “Netflix and chill” with your loved one and watch Chris Rock‘s new Stand up special, Tamborine. The special was released at midnight on Valentine’s Day following a teaser that Chris Rock posted Tuesday morning on his Twitter account.

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The long awaited special is Chris Rock’s first since his 2008 Kill the Messenger HBO special. The “Everybody Hates Chris” producer despite not having a special has kept his name relevant through regional appearances, a Saturday Night Live cameo in the first episode following the 2016 Election results, and hosting the 2016 Academy Awards just as the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag was trending do to the consecutive lack of racial diversity at the show.

The “tell it like it is” performance art of Chris Rock’s stand up couldn’t have come at a better timing. Politics are ripe for his brand of comedy.


Rock has gained popularity for his take on politics and social issues prior to Trump being elected. With the political charged environment today, it should be easy for Rock to bring his brand of comedy to the Netflix stage. There is also the topic of his recent divorce from Malaak Rock that Chris Rock is expected to address. Rock told Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in 2017 that, “nothing is off limits” with his comedy.

In an early review, Esquire magazine calls the special “therapeutic” saying that the comedians stand up was “not only needed, but necessary.”

“Tamborine” is just one of a contractual two Netflix specials that the comedian has planned with Netflix with no immediate date for the second special to be released. It was reported in 2016 that Chris Rock is being paid $40 million to perform these specials for the online streaming service, a huge pay day but still $20 million less than his fellow legendary comedian Dave Chappelle made for his Netflix specials.



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