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Fresh off the release of his first album, The Price of Admission, Hi-Tone and he’s poised to showcase his lyrical prowess. He’s here with his latest video, “Understand.”

We all pay the cost to be something, to be somewhere,” the rapper says. “Sometimes it’s sacrificing time, sacrificing money, sacrificing relationships and friendships. I’ve sacrificed every one of those things.  There’s a big price to get into this movie theater and I’ve waited long enough to see that movie. It’s about understanding the patience of when it’s your turn in life, and knowing that the wait will be worth it once you jump on the ride.

It’s been a long grind for Hi-Tone, who dropped his first project, TFC, Vol. 1: Top Of The Food Chain, in 2010. After overcoming a tumultuous childhood, addiction, and being constantly overlooked, he’s ready to show the world who he really is.

With songs such as “Mr. Miyagi” and the smooth, feel good “Cruisin’” illustrate Hi-Tone’s ability to craft songs with a wide range of sounds, styles, emotions and vibrations.


Check out the video: