New reports revealed that Maybach Music Group rapper, Wale, has parted ways with Atlantic Records. In a brief statement from the label to DJ Booth, an Atlantic Spokesperson said, “Wale is no longer with us.”  Whether Wale was dropped from the label or a mutual split was agreed to has not been confirmed. During his time with Atlantic records Wale released three albums, The GiftedAlbum About Nothing and his 2017 LP Shine. Wale is still signed to Maybach Music Group which is under the umbrella of Atlantic Records.

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The rapper leaves Atlantic Records with two albums that debuted at No. 1 on Billboard, platinum singles in “Lotus Flower Bomb” and “Bad” and several Gold records including “My P.Y.T.” and “The Matrimony.” Despite the various certifications, Wale has struggled in regard to sales. Since The Gifted, Wale has seen a steep decline in sales of his following two albums which could be what led to the departure from the label. Wale’s latest album Shine, sold less than 30,000 copies in its first week.

Wale began his major label career with Interscope records, but a disconnect between the label and the artist led to poor debut album sales for “Attention Deficit” and Wale soon departed from the label. Wale went back to the independent grind releasing the classic mixtape, More About Nothing and soon after the “No Hands” rapper signed a deal to Rick Ross‘ MMG. His Maybach debut album, Ambition produced the now platinum single “Lotus Flower Bomb” featuring Miguel, and was a rebirth of Wale’s career.


He recently changed his Twitter avi to a photo of LeBron James from his famous “South Beach” interview where the King revealed his plans to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. This profile picture is clearly hinting that Wale is looking where to “take his talents” next as LeBron did in 2010.

Despite the breaking news, Wale isn’t missing a step and released a new track on Valentine’s Day titled ‘All Star Break Up,’ which was released through MMG and Wale’s Every Blue Moon imprint. Wale also graced his fans with a remix to SZA‘s “The Weekend.”