LeBron James and Kevin Durant shared an Uber ride through LeBron’s stomping grounds of Akron, Ohio for Uninterrupted’s Rolling With the Champion. The two NBA All-Stars were interviewed by ESPN‘s Cari Champion during the Uber ride as the NBA superstars spoke about the meaning of All-Star Weekend, maturity, racism, Donald Trump, and more.

“The number one job in the nation, the point of person is someone who doesn’t understand the people and really don’t give a f–k about the people,” James told Cari Champion about President Trump. “This time right now with the President of the United States its  at a bad time. While we cannot change what comes out that man’s mouth, we can continue to alert the people that watch us that listen to us that this is not the way.”

“We talk about leadership and what’s going on in our country it’s all about leadership,” said Durant. “I learned a lot of life skills playing basketball. You need to empower people, you need to you know encourage people and that’s what builds a great team. I feel like our team as a country is not ran by a great coach.”

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Before LeBron and the Cavaliers took on KD and the Warriors in last year’s NBA Finals, James’ Brentwood home was spray painted with racist remarks which re-opened a wound in the Black community. Following the incident, some have argued, specifically Fox Sports‘ Jason Whitlock, that LeBron as a pro-athlete worth millions of dollars is in no position to speak on racial issues because as a wealthy man he is disconnected from the experience.

“No matter how far, money or access or how high you become in life as a AF man or female they will still find a way to let you know that you are still beneath them. And it’s either one or two things at that point. You either cave in to that notion, or you just chalk it up and say you know what, Imma paint over this God damn gate and make it taller,” said James.

You can watch the full video below: