Sometimes keeping it real can go terribly wrong.

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Usually during Inside The NBA show on TNT, Shaquille O’ Neal and Charles Barkley, often takes verbal jabs at each other. Thursday’s night show was no different.

Shaq and Kobe Bryant have a special sit-down interview set to debut on Saturday night before the NBA All-Star Saturday night festivities.


With O’Neal and Kobe discussing their much talked about differences during their partnership with the Lakers, Barkley tried to give credit to the 7-foot-1 big man for ending their “beef.” O’Neal then cut him off and saying that they did not have any of it with him in the past, before adding that Sir Charles does not understand that complete situation. He then highlighted the fact that he won the title in three of their four trips to the Finals, and that when he plays, he brings championships.

O’Neal also noted that his trade to the Heat had to do with him not getting paid and not from how he played his game.

The fiery exchange between O’Neal and Charles Barkley on live TV. only makes their show even more entertaining to watch as they are both spontaneous and are not shy about giving their opinion on different matters.

Shaq is right to be defensive to Barkley’s remarks because he did bring championships and held MVP trophies while in purple and gold. Something Barkley knows nothing about.