Trolls on several social media sites have been claiming that they were assaulted by black assailants while at screenings of the new blockbuster Marvel film Black Panther, which opened Friday and is setting all kinds of box office records.

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The posts on Twitter and Instagram look authentic, right down to pictures of people with bruises or bloody faces. But one actually shows White House staffer Rob Porter’s ex-wife Colbie Holderness with a black eye, while another shows 19-year-old Sophie Johansson from Sweden, who was hit with a beer bottle, leaving her bloodied.

“Went to the #BlackPanther premier tonight and my wife was assaulted. Three black women approached us and one said ‘This movie ain’t for you white b****’ and then attacked her. Security escorted us to the parking lot and we left. We just wanted to see a movie.”

The photo, though, shows Holderness in a widely circulated photo after her former husband was drummed out of the White House for past domestic abuse.


Another message says, “I went to see #BlackPanther with my gf and a black teenager shouted ‘u at the wrong theater’ and smashed a bottle on her face,” but that picture showed Johansson and was outed right away as fake.

Still another made the same claim of a racial attack but showed a picture of a woman who was locked in flat and subjected to four-hour beating because she wouldn’t get her boyfriend cigarettes.