Last month, Corey Miller aka C-Murder of the legendary No Limit movement from New Orleans began a hunger strike in Louisiana’s notorious Angola State Prison to combat the mistreatment and inhumane conditions of the inmates there. After three weeks of a successful strike, Miller was returned to population from solitary confinement, ending the process, making it a success.

“I’m good, inmates are good, just continue to check on your love ones here at Angola,”

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CMurder told “I wanna thank everyone who checked on me and things are moving right along.”

His brother Master P made a statement on Instagram after his visit with his younger brother, confirming the success of the hunger strike.


I went to visit my brother in Angola Prison, he’s in good spirit. He told me that he wants to use his case and his life to help other young men not have to go through the unnecessary injustice that he’s been through. We laughed, we argued, we fussed and we fought but in the end we realized that there is nothing more important than family. We will be there when no one else will. Blood is thicker than water. You can choose your friends but not your family. Nothing is more important than love. We all we got. Free Corey Miller. God will turn this around. A man has come forward and confessed, there is also a video tape from the club that has not been used as evidence in the case but we have faith and trust in God. Thanks to all the fans for their prayers and support.”

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C-Murder is still continuing his fight to overturn his murder conviction of a 16 year old in a nightclub in 2002.