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This past weekend, the story behind Birdman and the Cash Money collective was told and released in the format of a documentary titled Before Anythang: The Cash Money Story. The documentary is a rundown on the infancy of Birdman’s career in the rap industry and an overall break down on how he developed Cash Money with very few resources. In a recent interview with Ebro on his Beats 1 radio show, the CEO drops insight about Before Anythang, his business habits, and his relationship with Cash Money artist, Lil Wayne.

Birdman detailed that after meeting Lil Wayne at a very young age, he personally vowed he did not want Wayne to follow in his footsteps but alternately put him on the right track which involved getting the young rap star in school. According to Bird, no matter how much he tried to steer Wayne in the right direction, the youngin’ keep coming back his direction with a deep desire to live his risky lifestyle. This mindset without a doubt set the tone for the father-son relationship to two famously emulate.

“His parents went to school with my brother and sister,” says Birdman. “I met him through another guy named Lil Slim. But when he was young his momma didn’t want him around me…Love her to death, she didn’t want Wayne around me because she knew how I was living. So I understood that but he just kept coming. He wanted it, he wanted the life. And I just wanted to help him because I didn’t want him to live my life.”


He also breaks down the content of the new documentary and explains the doc will not detail his current relationship status with Lil Wayne but rather showcase the journey of Cash Money’s development and Birdman’s true character. Despite the void of a story, part two of the documentary is expected to drop in August.

In regards to his business habits, Birdman tells Ebro that despite the issues he has with some of his artists, the majority of the people who are snugged by Cash Money are being taken care of and validates their well being by shedding light on some of the Forbes list rankings.

“…Look at Forbes. All my artists are on Forbes,” Birdman tells Ebro. “Me and my son have our differences and that shit gonna iron itself out but still, I gave that man $100 million contract. One wire, press send. I was happy as fuck to be able to do that for Wayne.”

Birdman clearly has hope and seems convinced his relationship with Lil Wayne will revert back to smooth terms in no time. Given, he has been instrumental in Wayne’s coming into hip-hop and has first-hand knowledge on his drive, to an extent momma Wayne was on watch, the Cash Money CEO seems confident that such “beef” is just a phase. Only the future will tell. The next step in this hip-hop figure is the release of Tha Carter V.

Watch Birdman’s interview on Ebro’s Beats1 show, below.