Even Hip-Hop’s royalty can’t have it all their way.

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Jay- Z and Beyonce have been attempting to get their daughter Blue Ivy’s name trademarked since 2012, but had no success. Wedding planner, Veronica Morales has been denying the Carter’s of their request up until now.

According to Blast, Beyonce’s legal team claims that shortly after Morales objected to the trademark filing for “Blue Ivy Carter,” a meeting was set up between the two parties to hopefully settle the situation at hand, but Victoria had other plans. The meeting turned out to be a “business proposal” to sell her business to the Carters for $10 million in exchange for the trademark. Bey’s legal team said that during the meeting Morales’s counsel gave a long speech about treating the opposition as an “opportunity for a business relationship rather than an adversarial proceeding.” Veronica showed up to said meeting with a powerpoint presentation to show why Beyonce should in fact acquire her wedding planning business and her Blue Ivy trademark.


Queen Bey politely turned down the offer and is looking to get Morales and her legal team to turn over all evidence that shows proof of the sales pitch to show that the entire back and forth was all a ploy.

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