Lil Yachty returned from his 16 day social media hiatus to announce that his long awaited Lil Boat 2 album is completed and will be available for purchase and streaming on March 9th.

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On February 5th, the “Lady in the Yellow” rapper told his followers that he was taking a break from social media to focus on wrapping up his Quality Control sophomore LP that he told fans was finished months ago. It seems now that Yachty has put his finishing touches on the project and its ready to go.

The QC and Capitol Records signed artist shared the release date of the album along with the cover art which features a shirtless Lil Yachty, stomach deep in the ocean rocking iced out chains, a more intimate imagery of the 20-year-old that seems in a lot of ways more mature than the Lil Boat we’re accustomed to. At the bottom of the cover reads 33.7550° N, 84.3900° W, which is the latitude and longitude of Yachty’s hometown in Downtown Atlanta according to Google Maps. The same latitude and longitude was featured on the Lil Boat mixtape.


As Yachty preps the sequel, fans remember the first installment of the Lil Boat series that launched Yachty’s mainstream career. The mixtape featured the viral hit songs “Minnesota” and “1 Night.” Following Yachty’s rise, he continued to climb his way into the conversation as the poster child for the new generation of hip-hop which turned the Atlanta rapper into a lighting rod for Hip-Hop heads hatred but at the same time was an appealing figure to the younger audience that desired his brand of music.

Despite the appeal of the man, his most recent album sales did not reflect his popularity. Yachty admits that he was devastated by the sales of his debut album which sold less than 50,000 copies in its first week. Lil Yachty in part blamed the label for making him change up his approach to the album, so fans can expect Yachty to at least try and get back to what made him hot in the first place.

The title of the album alone at least confirms that there is some desire to get back to where he started.