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The Jamaican women’s bobsled team made their Olympic debut on Tuesday, becoming the first women’s team from Jamaica to take part in the competition.

Thirty years after the four-man Jamaican bobsled team debuted at the Olympics in Calgary, Canada—and inspired the movie Cool Runnings—Jamaica sent Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and Carrie Russell to Pyeongchang to continue the island’s bobsledding legacy.


Teammates Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and Carrie Russell had a tough time making it to the games after losing their coach, sponsors, and sled shortly before the competition. However, with some help from the Jamaican beer company Red Stripe, the team was able to secure a sled and make it to the Olympics.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

As for the competition, Germany took home Gold, USA took Silver and Canada Bronze. Jamaica didn’t make it to the podium on Wednesday at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from cheering for the squad in good spirits.