Grammy nominated rapper Rapsody sat down with Fat Joe‘s Coca Vision Podcast on Tidal to discuss her career to this point. As her buzz continues to grow following the Grammy nomination for her 2017 album ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ Fat Joe felt it necessary to have the lyricist on his podcast as he tells her he only invites people who “meet the qualifications.”

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Rapsody spoke gratefully about her development as a rapper and being able to work with hip-hop legends like 9th Wonder and Young Guru.

“[9th Wonder] was the one that when i first started writing my first two records, he told me I had talent,” The ‘Power’ MC told Fat Joe. “He took me under his wing from day one and he taught me people that I missed growing up that came before me like it’s always a bit of knowledge. He taught me the science of emceeing.”

The interview took place before the Grammy awards took place, but Rapsody expressed to Joe her excitement in being nominated but not taking it hard if she didn’t win this year.


“That’s why I’m so excited for this year, not even just for me but for the culture,” she said. “I’m looking at the nominations and like all these nominations are tough so whoever wins I can’t even mad because I feel like the culture is represented in a positive way.”

Rap did not win any of the three Grammy awards she was nominated for.

The ‘Sassy’ MC emerged from the underground in 2015 as the only rap feature on Kendrick‘s Grammy award winning album, To Pimp A Butterfly. The North Carolinian was featured on the track “Complexion” and when asked why he chose Rapsody to be the only rap feature, Kendrick said it was never about the names for who he puts on tracks, but about the talent.


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