Even celebrities have that one person they have waited their entire lives to meet, for Girl’s Trip star Tiffany Haddish that special someone is Oprah Winfrey.

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In a sit down interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Haddish recounts the first time she met the beautiful Black, billion dollar mogul. Starting of the interview telling Ellen, “you let Oprah leave?!” she breaks down her history with the media titan. Reminiscing to her early days of, “being a professional photo double and extra” while doing background work, Haddish was an extra on the set of, Their Eyes Are Watching God. While on set, Haddish recounts making her fellow background extras laugh (as she is a stand up comedian), while Oprah happened to walk by. She said Oprah told her how funny she was and that she should write her on the progress of her career, which had the future MTV Movie Awards host at a loss for words.

Of course Oprah never wrote back…


Fast forward a couple of years to the Ellen Show, where true to Ellen’s schtick, she surprised Haddish with Oprah coming on stage while discussing her farmer’s market vegetable business plan for her, “Tiff and O’s.” (Tiffany’s name would go first since she would be doing all the work, in a side comment to Ellen). So for any Ellen fan this is the moment she breaks out the Queen of All Media, Oprah for hilarious and heartwarming results. Haddish breaks down crying in the clip and we couldn’t be more happier for the young actress. Like Cardi B, Haddish comes from nothing and is taking over the entertainment industry. We are so here for her meteoric rise that was years in the making.

The full clip can be seen here on Ellen’s YouTube page: