In a clip between the scenes of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah lets us in on his intimate thoughts on the film.

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In a candid moment to fans, Noah lets us know his reactions to critics of Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan. He defends that this is NOT a good Black film, but just a good film in general, which happens to be extra special if you happen to be Black. He likened the film to Wonder Woman, which in its own right is a spectacular film, made all the more special if you’re a woman.

He spoke out on that some people felt the movie is too Black, and made a wisecrack about when white people say they should make a “white movie” in which he described as pretty much a “movie” in general. He also spoke out on the parts of the film that felt intimate for him, because they spoke his home language of “xhosa” in the film so he didn’t need subtitles. Actor John Kani who plays T’Chaka in the film actually taught the language to Chadwick for the film, and it is spoken currently by 7.6 Africans today.  He also shared that the strong “badass” women of the film remind him of his mother, which was a little traumatizing cuz it reminded him of all the butt whoopings he got as a child. A fact which is interesting to note because Lupita Nyong’o will be playing Noah’s mother in his upcoming biopic.


Check out the full clip here that was posted to The Daily Show’s Twitter feed, where Trevor basks in the black excellence of one of Marvel’s most profitable movies to date.