This week Ed Gordon’s documentary Am I Black Enough debut on BounceTV and the Brown Sugar streaming service. This film interviews celebrities about the concept of race, colorism within the community and how ridiculous it is to define one’s Blackness.

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Cultural Identity has always been a sensitive subject for African-Americans. Mostly because of slavery, the intentional division between our ancestral home and our positions as enslaved Africans, we have absorbed more insecurities and false narratives about who we are than a nation can possibly comprehend. This special, produced and hosted by award-winning journalist Ed Gordon, talks to influencers such as Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Anderson, Wayne Brady, Yara Shahidi, Taye Diggs, Sheryl Underwood, Charlamagne Tha God and Misty Copeland about their experiences.

One of the most interesting notations in the documentary comes from Sam Jackson. He talks about how in Africa, the people are tribal and possess completely different ideologies, likes and dislikes and community values from tribe to tribe. To lump us all in one pot is counter-intuitive to our nature as African people. We always say it but do we believe it: All Black are not alike. If we are not all alike, then it should be impossible to ever revoke someone’s Black card.


Ed Gordon is an award-winning journalist with over 30 years in the television news industry. Known for his no-nonsense interview style and his ability to land exclusive interviews with top headline makers, Gordon has covered stories for BET, Dateline, NPR and 60 Minutes Wednesday, among countless others. Some of his more notable interviews include an exclusive with Janet Jackson discussing her secret marriage, one-on-one interviews with Presidents Obama and Clinton, and the highly anticipated first interview with OJ Simpson following his murder acquittal. Widely respected for his work, Gordon has received widespread praise and recognition including an Emmy Award, an NAACP Image Award, and the prestigious Journalist of the Year award from the National Association of Black Journalists

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