Black Panther has continued to become a generational phenomenon earning more in its first week than any other Marvel Comics Universe film in history. Not only is the film breaking records, but it is inspiring and motivating the younger generation.

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The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta showed its appreciation for Marvel’s Black Panther by working themes of the film into their class curriculum. Ron Clark and Kim Bearden founded private middle school used the Ryan Coogler directed film to plant seeds of interest of African culture in their students by embracing the African themes of the film and mixing them with real life African cultures from countries within the continent such as South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.


The students, who’s classifications range from 5th to 8th grade, were treated to lessons about languages native to Nigeria, South African styles of protest in the form of what Americans would call stepping, and native African cuisines like plantains and Fufu. Students got to explore music, art and dancing as well during their school day.

The staff at RCA was able to combine normal class instruction of science, math, literature etc. in a more fun and creative way that all was relevant to the film which has reportedly earned more than $700 million internationally.

The school’s science professor taught students about kinetic and potential energy in relation to vibranium, one of the powerful resources found in the fictional nation of Wakanda that was used to create T’Challa‘s suit. Another professor taught students about the technology in Black Panther specifically the kimoyo beads worn by T’Challa’s sister, Shuri. Shuri’s kimoyo beads, in the film, were able to contact people via hologram which eventually turned into a lesson in geometry, specifically about surface area.

RCA is very unique in their approach to learning. The school itself is designed in manner more fun for students. Some classrooms are designed in a Harry Potter themed fashion, while other classrooms have Super Mario themes as seen on CBS This Morning.

The Academy’s founder, Ron Clark, provides a different approach to learning where students are still challenged by their instructors, yet can still have fun coming to school everyday knowing that they’re in an environment full of art, slides, and even an in house bungie jump, much to their enjoyment.