Drake’s “God’s Plan” single has held onto the #1 spot on the single charts in Australia (ARIA charts) for the fourth week in a row.

With the accompanying trending film clip only released 10 days ago and racking up 65+ million views already on YouTube alone, it’s possible than the increased media coverage around the film clip will keep Drake at the top of the Australian single charts for another week or two.

“God’s Plan” is the first film clip released on Drake’s YouTube Channel for almost two and a half years, since the widely successful “Hotline Bling” in late October 2015 that is now sitting on a staggering 1.36 billion views. The six-minute “God’s Plan” film clip has been widely hailed as an early contender for film clip of the year by music industry experts and sees the Canadian performer give away the entire budget for the video of almost a million dollars all over Miami.


Some claimed it was just a strategic good-feel story to reduce his tax bill and squash an old beef with Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew – remember the triple-Platinum Drake track “The Motto with Lil Wayne and Tyga (an iTunes bonus album track)?

There Drake rapped,

Tell Uncle Luke I’m out in Miami, too. Clubbing hard, f—ing women, there ain’t much to do, Wrist bling, got a condo up in Biscayne. Still getting brain from a thang, ain’t shit changed. How ya feel how ya feel how ya feel” just weeks after Uncle Luke himself wrote an article in the Miami New Times in October 2011 claiming he was going to revoke Miami cards for those rappers including Drake who as he saw it was partying too hard down in Miami as outsiders and not giving back at all to the community.

But this all seems a bit unrealistic to think Drake was making such a big altruistic video without genuine intentions of helping those less fortunate, especially considering Uncle Luke wrote a glowing article of Drake’s iconic status in hip-hop in November 2015, again in the Miami New Times. With all this being said, it’s a good song with an even better film clip and salute to Drake for giving away a stack of cash – regardless.