During the Rocafella reign, it was no surprise that Jay Z and Damon Dash would head to the gym in Chelsea Pier in New York City to box, but according to the group’s boxing coach, Jay Z wasn’t a monster in the ring.

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On Tuesday (Feb 27) Dash appeared on “Van Lathan’s Red Pill Podcast” and the conversation turned to an underground boxing club in NYC where Dame himself, Q-Tip, Heavy D and Jay-Z would rumble with each other in the ring.

Dame said Q-Tip was the beast of the bunch. Heavy D was dope, too. But when asked if Jay could fight, Dash called up the boxing trainer, Mr. Doltrese, who ran the gym and let him kick facts about Hov’s jab game.


“At first he couldn’t. He was like Pee-wee Herman. At first, he couldn’t bust a grape. He couldn’t bust a grape, a girl would’ve beat him up. First time I put him in the ring he got waxed.”

Although the crew got a hearty laugh, Mr. Doltrese revealed that with practice Jay became better with the hands and even got revenge on the boxer who initially beat him.

In other Dame Dash news, Dash took to social media to announce that he and former Roc artist Kanye West would be teaming up on a new project.

Although unclear if the project would be cinematic or music, Dash did make it clear that he is joining the wave of working together and sticking with Ye culturally to create a new industry.

“We are about to do some new shit, you know stick together culturally and create a whole new industry and play the game fair, you know honorable people stick together,” Dash said in the video. “This is how the generations do, now you see we super famous and we linking up.

Check out the announcement and listen to the podcast in full below.


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