Breana Harmon, then 18, accused three black men of rape and kidnapping after realizing that her relationship with then fiancee was ending quickly. In March 2017, Harmon walked into a church on Eisonhower Parkway in her hometown of Denison, Texas with cuts and scratches on her body, wearing only a shirt, bra, and underwear just hours after she had been reported missing.

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According to Harmon, “three black men in ski masks had abducted her, forced her into an SUV, and two of them had raped her while the other held her down in a field near the church.”

On February 22, Harmon plead guilty to four felony counts of tampering with physical evidence and government documents, for making false accusations. Originally, Harmon was charged with a misdemeanor for making a false police report, but Grayson County prosecutors determined later on that the “scope of her scheme” warranted more serious charges, according to the Dallas Morning News.


Harmon told investigators that “she cut herself that day in despair over the realization that her relationship with her then- fiancee would soon be over,” and she added that she “made the abduction up because she didn’t want her family to be upset with her over the breakup,” according to the Sherman Herald Democrat.

“We’ve had major crime before, but nothing like this. We believe the crime scenes from the initial kidnapping scene at the apartment complex to the point of Harmon’s condition when she walked into the church were staged,” stated Denison Police Chief Jay Burch in a press conference.

Harmon, now 19, will be sentenced on March 20. Despite the four felony counts, and the confession, the Herald Democrat reported that the plea deal offers two options for Breana; deferred adjudication arrangement, or probation.