Words by Nick Slay

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Donald Trump flip flops on issues more than the dice in the board game Trouble, but today he shocked lawmakers by siding with the Democrats on gun control and policy.


In the wake of Nikolas Cruz gunning down 17 students and teachers, the nation has been seemingly shook up on the issue of gun control. While Republicans like Marco Rubio were torn to shreds during his town hall meeting the other day, Trump took an unprecedented stance and backed Democrat Dianne Feinstein. In a meeting on the future of gun laws in America Trump fired off at  members of his own party to sit down with her and take her lead on the issue. Feinstein’s face was elated in his support shocking lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

However Trevor Noah, host of the popular The Daily Show on Comedy Central said be weary of the Presidents words. While his tone floats on the danger guns are posing in our streets and schools, he has hit a hard left before. When he originally spoke out on DACA, Trump wasn’t as critical of immigrant dreamers, then turned around days later and called their places of origin, “S***hole Countries.” In context when Trump shut down Mike Pence (who tried to cool the room saying no one’s gun rights would be violated) Trump quickly cut him off saying we need to take the guns first and let it be solved in court later.

For survivors and mourners of the Parkland Florida shooting, this might sound like music to their ears, however there is a startling revelation in Trump’s sentiment. If he is willing to go outside the law on the matters of gun control, what else is he willing to skirt the law or constitution on? This is the same President that state judges had to use legal means to put a kibosh on his travel ban. What will he do concerning other topics that the public at large doesn’t side with him on? With I.C.E. agents violating the rights of immigrants on U.S. soil, and the latest court ruling that says immigrants can be held indefinitely without bond, we are looking at very scary future when the President believes rules are meant to be broken.