A Facebook video filmed at a Myrtle Beach McDonald’s showing a police officer telling a man to leave, after a paying customer reportedly paid for his meal, is going viral and sparking outrage.

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Yossi Gallo, the man who shot the video, said he got into an argument with the management at the McDonald’s near downtown Myrtle Beach and a police officer, after he tried to buy a homeless man food.

“I waved him down, and I said, ‘Hey, are you hungry?’ and he said, ‘Yes,’”
Gallo said in an interview with local News. “So I went in there with him, and as soon as we went inside, the lady at the register says, ‘You’re not getting food.’ She tells him he’s not getting food.”


There’s more to this story than what happened at McDonald’s. Gallo posted his video showing part of the incident to Facebook. It quickly went viral. As of Thursday morning, the video had over 21 million views, 550,000 shares, and 269,000 reactions.

Several viewer comments expressed anger toward the restaurant’s managers and the officer shown in the video, particularly her saying, “I am the law.”

The comments section of the video is flooded with nasty, crude and misogynistic comments about the police officer. Some even posted screenshots and links to the officer’s personal Facebook page. The page has since been made unavailable.