Justin Richburg sent shockwaves through the Internet when he unveiled his Black History Month “Dice Game”  on Instagram. At the dice game, we find President, and First lady Obama, Malcolm X, Allen Iverson and Martin Luther King Jr.

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A dice game wouldn’t be complete without an entourage, but who would ever think: OprahRihanna, Mike Tyson, Denzel Washington, and a buzzed Kevin Hart would be apart of the same entourage.

Adding to the mix and matched dice game, we find Charlamagne Tha God exiting the bathroom while 2Pac, Will Smith and The Black Panther guard entry way.


Some folks considered the piece distasteful. In fact, Charlamagne reposted the image on Instagram, asking why he was apart of the “foolishness.”

Upon close examination, you will see that the illustration mirrors a photo of the Migos and Gucci Mane as they had a dice game between two tour buses.

We caught up with Richburg, hoping to get some insight into the image:

The Source: Describe your creative process and what inspires you? Do you have a goal in mind when creating?

Richburg: What inspires me is things I see and conversations with people. I don’t have a goal I go off how I feel at the moment.

The Source: Charlemagne recently spoke against your art, what do you say to those who take offense or simply don’t like your work ?

Richburg: He felt how he felt. I can’t control how people feel towards what I make.

The Source: How has Hip-Hop influenced you as an artist?

Richburg: Rap influences me in a way where I like to make my images look lit.

Clearly, Richburg is a creative mind who doesn’t care for opinions. He is simply creating what he likes. At the very least we should all appreciate the blending of black culture across generations. The purpose of art is to provoke thought.

All things considered, could this be what it would look like if heaven had a ghetto?