Lil Xan has gotten a lot of heat for recent comments he made regarding the Hip-Hop G.O.A.T. Tupac Shakur. In an interview with Revolt TV, on a scale from 1 to 9 Xan rated Tupac a 2, and followed up the low rating calling Tupac’s music “boring.”

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Following the blow back from his objectively outrageous comments, Xan vowed to stop doing interviews. The 21-year-old California rapper took to Twitter to express his distrust in media without issuing an apology or backing down from his Tupac comments.

“No More Interviews,” Diego said in one Tweet. “I love my fans to death but I can’t let these companies keep taking advantage of me and using me to further there (sic) shit,it’s fucked.”

Despite the spin that the “Betrayed” rapper tried to put on his comments, Waka Flocka wasn’t having it.


“Lil Xan banned from Hip-Hop,” Flocka said in one of his three tweets. “Pac help me get thru childhood!!! Shit hurt to see the youth disrespect man that paved the way for all of us literally… I hope nobody overlook me accomplishments when I leave. Respect is everything, never forget that.”

Lil Xan responded on his Instagram story saying, “Lil Xan’s not going anywhere. Sorry. You gotta look at this ugly face for a lot longer, guys.”

Lil Xan’s comments have re-ignited an ongoing beef between the hip-hop OG’s and the new generation of rappers who lack the respect for the legacy of the greats. XXXtentacion in a Twitch interview with DJ Akademiks said that he is a bigger artist than Tupac ever was, and Lil Yachty was subject to the same treatment as Lil Xan when he said that the Notorious B.I.G. was “overrated.”

Hip-Hop legend Rakim said that we are witnessing the “devolution” of rap music going a step further to say that rappers today have an “absence of a message.”