The godfather of hip-hop fashion, Dapper Dan, whose grand application of design changed the ethics of hip-hop fads has a biopic in the making.

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Sony is producing the documentary with the help of Jerrod Carmichael of The Carmichael Show and Josh Bratman of Immersive Pictures as producers. Set in traditional 80’s Harlem, the biopic will be based on Dan’s upcoming memoir, which will be released in 2019. The memoir timelines the design guru’s coming of age during the most crucial eras in the history of hip-hop’s development. He is also the executive producer of the biopic, along with his son Jelani Day.

Dapper Dan set the tone for hip-hop fashion in the mid-eighties. Hip-hop, a culture where teenagers desired to rock the finest clothes and live large, being name brand specific was a token for being “fly.” The foundation of Dapper’s signature style stems from such measure, where the Harlem designer is known to remix high-end logos ranging from Gucci to Louis Vuitton into a conception that depicted the vibe of the New York City phenomenon, hip-hop. Dapper  Dan’s pieces have been rocked by the golden era’s finest in the classic likes of Salt N’ Pepa, Eric B. and Rakim, and LL Cool J.


Despite his use of high-end logos shutting down his celebrated Harlem studio on 125th street in the early nineties, Dan landed a partnership with Gucci to relaunch his Harlem studio along with a Gucci capsule that will be available with the fall collection.