Smack White has recently announced that, in celebration of the upcoming URL “SMACK Volume 2” event going down on March 31st, The Ultimate Rap League will be releasing all unreleased battles that have been vaulted, tucked away and stored for a rainy day this month deemed “SMACK Madness”.

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Battles announced so far for the SMACK Volume 2 event are;

  1. Arsonal Da Rebel vs. Hollow Da Don (Rematch after Arsonal’s unanimous OverTime win on Fight Klub in 2009 as judged by Dame Dash, Money Nate and Jean Nelson).
  1. O-Red vs. Cortez
  2. T-Top vs. Bigg K
  3. Rum Nitty vs. John John Da Don
  4. Young Kannon vs. Mike P

With another one or two battles expected to be announced soon, SMACK Volume 2 and its lead up in “SMACK Madness” this month will be a big one for battle rap and hip-hop. The Pay Per View for SMACK Volume 2 event is available now to watch the battles live as the physical event will be a private invite-only with no tickets available.