Each time B.I.G. stepped out, his style showed what he was all about.

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No matter what he wore, he wore it proudly. As Brooklyn’s unofficial ambassador–his style defined an era. As we celebrate the life and career of The Notorious One, take a look back at.



Before you saw Jesus’ flooded face hanging from the necks of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Fabolous and more–B.I.G. did it first. After spending $30,000, Tito Caicedo, created three customized pieces for him. Faces immortalized in gold, hair and beard encrusted in diamonds. One piece was for B.I.G., one for Lil’ Cease and the other was for D-Roc. When B.I.G. passed, his chain was handed down to his son, CJ. Jay-Z would borrow the chain to wear in the booth for motivation. B.I.G addressed his chain on “I Love The Dough.



Perhaps the main reason Coogi is still making money today. B.I.G. was a true connoisseur of the Australian  sweater brand. As his star power grew, he kept his Timberland boots and swapped black hoodies for the premium knitted sweaters. On songs such as “One More Chance,” he let us know Coogi was a staple in his closet.


B.I.G. was known to have a taste for the fine silk shirts and classic shades. Each shirt tailor made to his size. “Player’s Anthem”  solidified his exquisite taste.



Asking the true players to throw their Rollies in the sky, B.I.G. kept a Rolex watch on his wrist. Interestingly enough, 2pac gifted him his first Rolex


The cane became a staple in B.I.G.’s wardrobe after an early 1996 car accident. The cane added to the don persona of Frank White. In the “Hypnotize” video he looked quite comfortable with the gold topped cane.

21 years later we still celebrate not only the life but the style of Christopher Wallace. Enjoy below.