Words by Nick Slay

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For many fans and supporters of The Obamas, their absence as been sorely felt in the media, hopefully that will change if the Barack and Michelle helm new shows and projects at the streaming giant.

In since last year, Netflix has been aggressively snatching up talent and notable figures to be the frontrunners for new shows to add to its massive roster of original TV shows and movies. If the rumors are true, Netflix teaming up with the dynamic duo of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama could be ground breaking. The couple who have mastered the art of, “getting the bag” have already nabbed a combined $60 million dollar publishing deal for their memoirs. A portion of that money would also go to charity as well as the Obama Foundation.


There are no confirmed numbers attached to the future projects that the Obamas would produce, but they are in advanced talks.

They would focus on projects important to them such inspirational stories and supporting causes they believe in. On social media and various media websites, it’s been obvious that the 44th POTUS has been living his best life after stepping down from the highest position in the land. So there may be a huge market and fanbase for anything with the name “Obama” attached by it. Netflix is no stranger to success with the former president with their 2016 biopic entitled simply, Barry. Obama undeniably has a knack for being touch with his demographic with successful books like The Audacity of Hope, Of Thee I Sing, Dreams From My Father, and Change We Can Believe In. It would be interesting to see how Obama’s impressive pen game transfers to the big screen and the perspectives the former First couple might take. They have continued to be deeply entrenched in the community post-White House acclaim and breaking barriers as America’s first Black president and first lady.