Mariah Carey won our hearts with a voice unmatched back in the 90s with her debut single “Vision of Love”. Since then, she has had 18 number-one singles, sold over 200 million records worldwide, and has acted in several movies.

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When it comes to awards, Carey has won 11 American Music Awards, 14 Billboard Music Awards, 19 World Music Awards but only 5 Grammy Awards. She’s been nominated 34 times at the Grammys yet only has 5. In an interview with V Magazine, she said,

“In the music business, if you care about the Grammys and submitting your stuff before a certain time frame, you want a single out in the summer and then you want to have your record out before the Grammys deadline, which has changed. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

As a debut artist, the “Heartbreak” singer won two Grammys, Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1991. After winning, the Grammys told her, “We don’t go with the people that are selling a lot of records and are popular.” Carey recalls not being bitter about the situation and said she would just remain true to herself.


“I mean, I have five Grammys. That’s cute. There’s people that have been doing this half the time that have twice as many.” 

The singer and songwriter isn’t letting awards validate her talent. She is currently in the studio working on a new album with Jay-Z under Roc Nation. The two have worked together before so there’s already a connection there. She’ll be writing majority of the album and it will not be a Christmas album.