In honor of the bold and brave students who are participating in the March 14th National School Walkout to protest gun laws in America, here is a quick fact to share with your local NRA advocate.

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As much as people try to say that there is a left wing agenda pushing politicians and people on the ground to be “afraid of guns” and to “take Americans’ guns away”, that simply is not true.

Did you know that there are three times as many pro-gun lobby groups as there are anti-gun groups throughout the nation?


Americans seem to fight more the right to have guns, than they do to exercise wisdom and caution with selling them.

According to, here are the top lobbyists in the nation:

And of course there are more….

This Wednesday, students, teachers, parents and administrators from every corner of this country, will take part in a National School Walkout. There demands are to get Congress to pass tighter gun control laws.