Lil Wayne headlined a concert at Parramatta Park in Western Sydney, Australia over the weekend along with Wale, Tyga, Ace Hood, Metro Boomin, MadeinTYO. At the start of his set when performing “John” live, someone in the crowd threw a water bottle on stage at Weezy that nearly hit him in the face to which he stopped the music and had the following choice words to say;

“Okay, so let me let you know. Where I’m from, I think y’all know that’s the States, we don’t throw shit on stage because all my n****s got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at. So if you throw something else, I’mma be more safe, and I’mma be the bigger person and just leave, cause I don’t wan’ kill everybody.”

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Surely, Lil Wayne has the right to ask that no one throws anything at him while performing. But did he go too far in his comments? Listen to Weezy’s remarks.