Apparently even stars from FX Network’s People Vs. O.J. have doubts about the former football stars innocence.

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Soledad O’Brien‘s O.J. Simpson: The Last Confession had Twitter buzzing via the #DidOJConfess hashtag. According to television star Keesha Sharp, the answer is crystal clear. In a statement from TMZ the Lethal Weapon co-star had choice words to say subject. Sharp who played Dale Cochran, wife of famed O.J. defense law Johnny Cochran was asked if she was going to watch the Fox special. Although unclear is she would be tuning in, her mind was thoroughly made up.

The Fox television star is very adamant about O.J.’s guilt.


She stated that the public doesn’t need to watch the special in order to determine if he committed the crime or not. In her words, by this point everyone realizes that he killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman on the night of June 12, 1994.

This is a decidedly different take from last summer where in another statement to TMZ. She likened the the NFL star to Casey Anthony who was also suspected of murder but it was never proven.

Back then she believed that no matter what their verdicts were, they would never truly be free in the eyes of society. Fast-forward to 2018 we see a decidedly different take on the issue. This is definitely a different tune, from guilty in the court of public opinion to culpable in reality.