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After a boat load of drama with Warner Bros. Music Division, Lil Pump has reached a deal to again sign with the label for a reported $8 million advance for the first album. Fans may remember the “Gucci Gang” rapper managing to get out of his original deal with the same label on grounds that he was underage, and unable to sign with the label as a minor. Pump was 16 years old when he first signed with the label.

Following the void of his original contract, Pump courted other deals via social media. The platinum-selling rapper and Miami native said as a free agent that he wouldn’t sign any deal that was less than $15 million. Clearly, he has backed down from that claim as he’s agreed to a deal worth slightly more than half of his asking price.

Lil Pump was reportedly courted by a few labels after his contract was voided. DJ Khaled‘s We The Best and Gucci Mane‘s 1017 are two of the record labels who wanted to sign Pump but according to Billboard the deal went to the highest bidder. The full details of the contract have not yet been released.


Lil Pump’s hit song, “Gucci Gang” went platinum back in January, 5 months after its Soundcloud release. The infectious hit song helped launch Pump’s career along with his generational behavioral appeal that has worked for a lot of new artists in hip-hop.

In mid-February, he was arrested for firing a gun in his California home. At the time, the rapper claimed that three people attempted to break into his home, but police analysis determined otherwise, and Pump was arrested and later placed on house arrest following the incident.

The now 17-year-old rapper will supposedly not be able to loophole out of his re-configured deal with Warner Music and must produce for the label and for himself.