Since the release and  surge of Black Panther past the $1 Billion mark, many Black celebs have began encorporating African culture in their work.

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Representation matters.

However, positive representation is always pushed further by celebrities who have a huge influence on pop culture and trends. Arguably power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z are some of the biggest influencers of Black and music culture in America. So even the press release of a follow up tour to their wildly successful On the Run Tour is going to soak up headlines and drain tax returns. With that in mind, what’s the deal with J and Bey coupled on a motorcycle with a skull on it?


Did the Bonnie and Clyde duo finally run out of good ideas?

After various postings on social media, Bey’s fans where quick to notice the iconic imagery in which they drew inspiration. So in a post from earlier this week (as posted above), Bey quickly spilled the beans on an considerably African take on the 03 Bonnie and Clyde concept.

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Does African culture need Queen Bey to be considered cool? Not always, but this time, YES!

But before anyone stones the writer of this article, we have to take into account: Great entertainers always draw inspiration from the greats. Taking a proven concept and introducing it to a new or younger audience just works. It’s not that African cinema or enterainment isn’t already awesome, there is just an entire world that hasn’t been exposed to it yet. Touki Bouki, is no exception.

When Jay Z borrowed the ’03Bonnie and Clyde concept and song from the ’96 hit with Tupac featuring Lady of Rage, they rode that cash cow all the way to the bank on the original On The Run Tour. Even going as far as refurbishing ‘Pac’s classic line:

“’96 Bonnie and Clyde, me and my girlfriend · Doin’ 85 when we ride, Trapped in this world of sin. Born as a ghetto child, raised in this whirlwind.” raps Tupac as Makaveli on Me And My Girlfriend.

Are Beyhive really fans are on the edge of their social media seats in anticipation on how the couple will incorporate the story and themes of this masterpiece of African Cinema? Usually whatever this dynamic duo lays their hands on usually succombs to their Midas Touch. Either way, we know thousands of adoring fans will fill up stadiums and arenas just to find out. Until then this is definitely a movie worth looking up online and doing a little popcorn fueled “Netflix and Chill” research.