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Meek Mill’s mother is now getting more involved to help free her son from the harsh prison sentenced that was handed down to the rapper last year. Kathy Williams, Meek’s mom, is now begging District Attorney Larry Krasner to “step up” in helping get Meek out of jail.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the rapper’s mother gave an emotional 15 minute speech prior to a criminal justice panel at the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Williams also addressed the media in the auditorium which was captured on a periscope live video.

“I’m begging the DA Krasner can he please help me out,” Williams said in the news conference. “This just seems like a battle that I can’t get over. So please Krasner can you look into everything and help me and my son.”

Meek’s case has become controversial and in a lot of ways the “1942 Flows” rapper has become the poster child for mass incarceration. In this case, although the 30-year-old did violate probation, both the prosecutor and the probation officer recommended to Judge Genece Brinkley that Meek not face any jail time for the non-criminal infraction. Judge Brinkley ignored their recommendations and sentenced Meek a 2-4 year sentence which drew outrage and protest in the Black community.


The legitimacy of the process has also been brought into question when it was revealed that Judge Brinkley was under FBI investigation after accusations that she asked Meek to leave Roc Nation management and sign with her friend’s management company. Reports said that federal investigators asked Meek to wear a wire in his next one on one with the judge to which Meek refused.

Also, Meek’s arresting officer from 2008, Reginald Graham, was one of 29 Philadelphia police officers listed on the city’s “corrupt cops” watch list and was prohibited from testifying in court. This list of officers was released by District Attorney Krasner.

In February, after petitioning the court Meek Mill was granted a post-conviction hearing on his case. Meek’s lawyers are claiming that the now retired Officer Graham may have lied in his testimony from Meek’s 2008 case and are fighting for a wrongful conviction in the rapper’s favor.

Meek Mill’s case will be heard in court on April 16 which could be his last chance to have his conviction overturned.