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After being gone from the scene, the king of crunk Lil Jon is back with a new video for his latest single featuring fellow Atlanta Rappers 2 Chainz and Offset.  “Set if Off” comes to us after Lil Jon took a break from new music, selling out shows and DJing.  The song features the three in an animated virtual world surrounded by money, cars, and big butts.


Snapchat is under fire for posting an insensitive ad featuring Chris Brown and Rihanna.  The ever popular social media channel posted an ad the other day that promoted an app that asked users if they would rather “slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.”  The ad has since been taken down and an apology issued to both stars however Rihanna was still not happy and called the social network out for their ignorance toward domestic violence victims.

Hip-Hop hot boy Vince Staples has informed his fans that he has infect canceled his supposed retirement Go FundMe, matched the amount of funds that were raised and donated it to the North Long Beach branch of the Michelle Obama Library.  The rapper has given all the funds back to those who donated and has claimed that the Go FundMe was really a publicity stunt to promote his new single “Get The F*** My Dick.”

Fans of both streetwear and old school hip-hop will be excited for this weeks drops from the popular street wear brand.  Among the collections featured this week from Supreme include it’s collab with Public Enemy paying homage to the groups third album Fear of a Black Planet.  To promote the collection which drops today in US stores and March 17th in Japan, Supreme released a short video showcasing all the pieces and Chuck D narrating the motivation behind the album.

Adding to todays drops and releases, New Balance brings back their classic 574 in grey for Grey Day.  The footwear brand aims to remind sneaker heads of the success the shoe has brought despite the simplicity of the shoe.  The Legacy of Grey pack will be available at select retailers including New Balance, Footlocker and Finish Line along with sneaker boutiques KITH, Extra Butter and Concepts.

A British Political Group has been banned from Facebook after what the social network claims is hate speech.  Britain First has had it’s facebook profile removed along with the facebook pages of two of its prominent leaders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.  Facebook made a statement claiming even political speech can even go to far when it aims to “stir up hatred” between groups in our society.    Facebook has rules against this type of content on it’s platform and hopes to prevent Facebook from being used in such a harmful way.

In sports, the Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers last night 117 – 106 with Lakers Julius Randale scoring 22 points and Warriors Kevin Durant scoring 26.