Much more than one of the best multi-syllable rhymers in battle rap over the last decade, Canada’s Bender helped to position King Of The Dot as one of the premiere battle rap leagues in the world. Often utilizing some of the rhyming techniques which made Big Pun the legend that he is today, the creative Bender has well and truly left his lasting legacy on battle rap and will be missed by all after passing away last fortnight.

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One of the best lyricists across all battle rap at his peak, his iconic “Sorry Player” will live on forever as will the memory of his wry smile after a hard-hitting punchline. As a former KOTD Title Chain holder who rose rapidly through the ranks by showing and proving off sheer talent, Bender was overall an exceptional talent and an outpour of emotion has risen out of the battle scene with the unexpected death of the 37-year-old. The albums he released with fellow emcee Patience, DJ Calkuta and producer Crack Moses as their group Flight Distance were ahead of their time in Canada and serve as a lasting proof that accomplished recording emcees can further expand their musical brand through battling. Bender oozed creativity beyond music, as also a talented author and painter too.

Bender’s battle resume is as impressive as it is long. He battled the likes of The Saurus, Illmaculate, Big T, Arcane, 24/7, Loe Pesci, Arcane, Sketch Menace, Soul, Fredo, Bamalam, Syd Vicious, Pnut, Tumi, Skelly, Aftershock, Mirale amongst many others in solo battles across Canada, America, The Philippines, UK and South Africa, as well as numerous 2 on 2’s. He amassed millions of views and inspired a generation of battle rappers to come to remember that lyrics and delivery matter in hip-hop and should be celebrated.


Although known to 100,000’s of battle rap and hip-hop fans worldwide, Bender, of course, was much more than a talented battle rapper and musician. He was a son, brother and friend to many before his lyrical prowess gave himself such a pivotal stage that will likely continue and further develop well into the future. I guess they say a legend never really dies…

Bender’s family is raising money for his memorial via GoFundMe.

A King’s Legacy Lives On Forever. RIP Bender.