Marvel Studios dropped the second trailer for Avengers Infinity War. One thing for sure, Wakanda will play a very large part in the upcoming movie.

The trailer also shows Captain America reuniting with T’Challa while standing alongside his old friend Black Widow, who has also arrived in Wakanda. Considering the battle scenes from this trailer, it seems like Wakanda will be a central focus in a couple of the major turning points in this movie. By all accounts, it appears that perhaps the Avengers will try to hide The Vision in Wakanda to keep him off of Thanos’ radar — or perhaps Wakanda is the location of the final infinity stone.


While most of the infinity stones have been revealed, the soul stone still hasn’t been found and maybe Wakanda is where it’s been hidden all along.

Avengers Infinity War drops April 27th. Hopefully, Wakanda will still be standing after the movie.