A brand new anthem out of Detroit is underway and presented by Hip Hop icon Chuck D. This time Royce Da 5’9”, Obie Trice, Swifty McVay and Lazarus share the mic and deliver their personal life journey through their rhymes. Royce shares his struggle of dealing with alcoholism and jail. Obie Trice talks about the streets of Detroit and how one turns to selling drugs. Swifty opens up about the loathing he underwent trying to figure out if his talent would lead him to success or further self deprivation.

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Lazarus finishes the song off with a ray of hope and explaining how the tough journey eventually will lead to some form of success. It’s a beautiful track and a great narrative that allows these four rappers from Detroit to come together. Lazarus is a noteworthy addition to the Detroit lineup as he hangs bar for bar with the best emcees of the city. The song is produced by Dub Muzik and appears on the mixtape “No Parachute.”