It’s time to Rep Ya Hood! The Source TV is calling out to all cities and neighborhoods that have some realness to offer the culture. What makes your neighborhood stand out, does it breed the country’s dopest artists? Have it’s people created movements that pushed the culture forward?

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We want to examine what makes your city special from a Hip-Hop perspective. Take us on a journey of your “hood highlights” and introduce us to your city’s most influential people, places and things.

For those interested (filmmakers and artists), please submit a 3-5 minute video expose of your community, showcasing its story and impact on the culture. We are putting the creative freedom in your hands with this one!


To submit, please upload your video file here.

A few guidelines:

-Must be 3-5 min in length

-Must provide details on what makes your neighborhood special

-Must include 1-2 historical facts about the city/neighborhood

-Must include 16 bars from a top rapper in your neighborhood

-No guns, violence, contraband, nudity, or profane/disrespectful language

-All submissions must contain contact information at the end of the video (this will not be shared publicly)