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After Tucker Carlson‘s recent statements about students fighting for gun control, Trevor Noah is furious.

After the Parkland shooting, students around the country have made their voice heard about gun laws in America. Trevor Noah of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show applauded students for walking out last Thursday to protest against the NRA and their right to safe schools. Apparently not everyone is for school students exercising the right of free speech. If Tucker Carlson had his way, apparently anyone under the age of 18 isn’t even a citizen to invoke that right…



Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on a recent show asked a very polarizing question speaking of the students who participated in last week’s walk out:

“Why do [children] “people who don’t have the right to buy guns have the right to make my gun laws?”

When the guest suggested that as citizens that they have the right to protest and have their own opinion on issue, Carlson quickly fired back:

“They’re not citizens, they’re children!”

On his show, Noah vented at the Fox News host, having this to say:

“Wow, now American teens aren’t even citizens?” queried the Daily Show host. “I guess in Tucker’s mind, you’re Mexican until you turn 18. Is that how it works? And then you smash your piñata and Social Security numbers fall out.”

“And secondly, get the fuck out of here man,” Noah ranted on. “If kids are old enough to be shot, they’re old enough to have an opinion about being shot.”

Carlson isn’t the first conservative to be pointed not standing with students. Marco Rubio was nearly silenced at a recent town hall meeting by angry parents and children in Florida over the Parkland shooting. State representative Daryl Metcalf of Pennsylvania shocked people went he went as far to say that some of the students who protested gun laws and the NRA were child actors.

However, for Carlson this maybe him just digging his heels in the sand over his beliefs. He already was very vocal last month saying that Democrats were using these high school scholars because if you disagree with what their saying its like attaching the child.