Don’t Flop rap battle league out of the UK recently dropped videos to four of their major battles from last year, featuring Serius Jones, Detroit’s Calicoe, Harlem’s Charlie Clips and New Jersey’s Arsonal Da Rebel.

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The remaining matchups from the checkpoint 4 event in London held in April 2017 were released months ago, including Scoop vs. DNA, as well as the two more local undercard battles.

Don’t Flop Entertainment was previously one of the big three major rap battle leagues in the English-speaking world, but appears to have been plagued by a number issues behind-the-scenes over the last few years, causing a 10-month delay in the release of these videos.


Don’t Flop was known for not only providing a unique platform in the UK for battle rap after The Jump Off-era, but providing many classic international match ups and helping to drive the overall professionalization of battle rap in turns of quality audio and video output.

Don’t Flop Entertainment previously had the most viewed single battle in the world with Manchester’s Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal that dropped in November 2012, only today topped by Oxxxymiron vs. Dizaster’s battle on King Of The Dot as well as numerous battles on both The Philippines’ FlipTop Battle League and Russia’s versusbattle league.