Lil Xan‘s lesson of the week is to choose your words wisely. This past week, the 21-year-old rapper got a lot of flack for dissing the G.O.A.T. rapper Tupac Shakur rating him a 2 out of 10, and calling his music boring. Waka Flocka Flame declared Lil Xan banned from hip-hop which Atlanta rapper T.I. co-signed, and aside from two pissed off big name rappers, a bunch of Tupac fans were pissed off as well.

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After a recent appearance, Lil Xan had to be escorted by police after a number of angry Tupac fans who threatened to jump the rapper for his comments in the interview with Revolt TV. The ‘Xanarchy’ rapper took no shame in his game of receiving the police escort, and stood by his decision to be escorted in an Instagram live video.

“They’re saying I’m a p—-y for the police escorting me away from a group of 20 people that wanted to jump me,” Xan told his IG followers. “You can call me a p—-y all you want but I’m not a gang banging rapper. Am I supposed to act hard? Am I supposed to not f–k with the police because I’m a rapper?


The is the first public backlash after his insulting comments. Following the release of the interview and the initial social media feedback, Lil Xan vowed not to do any more interviews because he claims Revolt TV took his words out of context. Xan backtracked on his statements at an appearance by calling Tupac a legend and urging his fans not to hate him.

Going forward, it would not be surprising to see Xan take advantage of those escorts at least until the news surrounding him cools down. His next performance is scheduled for March 22 in Los Angeles a city that Tupac called home followed by a show in Las Vegas where the rap legend lost his life.

Hopefully we’ll see the young artist take advantage of the two opportunities to pay homage to the deceased icon.