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When Future dropped 56 Nights on March 21, 2015, it ended his five-month tour de force of three mixtape releases. The releases were self-commissioned after the negative reaction via fans of his sophomore album, Honest. While the first two of the three releases chronicled Future returning to the music that got him accepted (Monster, Beast Mode), it was 56 Nights that completely changed the narrative for his career. The title for 56 Nights was inspired by Future’s DJ and producer DJ Esco spending 56 nights in a Dubai jail for carrying 15 ounces of marijuana. When Esco was released, the two got to work on the ten-track project

After the release of the project, he went from street rapper to critical darling. Tracks such as “Trap N****s,” “Diamonds From Africa,” and the politically charged anthem “March Madness” would rule the spring and summer of 2015. Future would then parlay the success into his biggest album to date, DS2 in July of 2015.


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