Parenting is extremely hard to do when both parties aren’t on the same page. The mostly publicized custody battle between Nas and Kelis seems to  be over. TMZ reports that the former couple has agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of Knight.

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Nas and Kelis will alternate Knight’s birthdays. In addition, Nas will take over parental responsibilities for his son on Father’s Day and Kelis on Mother’s Day.

TMZ adds that Kelis currently receives $8,000 a month in child support from Nas, but she claims he should be able to provide more.


According to court documents obtained by TMZ at the end of last year, Nas claimed Kelis wasn’t cooperating amicably, and that he’d attempted to reach an agreement for months.

Divorces are never an easy process. Both parties can feel resentment toward each other, and nobody wants to see a young child caught in the middle. It’s good to see cooler heads prevail in this situation as the co-parents did right by their child.