Lavar Ball is about his business. He promises a new league, and that’s what he indents to deliver.

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On Monday, Ball posted a Twitter video about the league’s tryout dates and locations in April. He also unveiled an “unreal” selection committee (his words) of Earl Watson, Ed O’Bannon, and Lonzo Ball.


According to Slam Magazine, the JBA will hold open tryouts in eight cities across the United States starting April 7 in Seattle. Other tryouts will be held in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago throughout the month of April.

LaVar boasts that ballers between the ages of 17 and 19 are eligible to try out and that in addition to playing the players, they will also hand over luxury cars –“Mercedes, BMW, or Cadillac”—to the championship-winning team. At this time the source of funding for the JBA is unknown. This will be quite a feather in Ball’s cap if he can pull it off. If successful, it’ll also become a new rival for the NCAA.

Time will tell if Ball’s league will be a success but with rumblings that the NBA is looking to do the same thing, Ball at the very least has a head start on them.