Kendrick Lamar fans went berserk on Lupe Fiasco back in January when he expressed his unpopular opinion criticizing the TDE rapper’s lyrical skills. Fiasco, who is known for his rather unapologetic voice boldly tweeted, “KDot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars.” He went on to break down the areas he finds Lamar to be both strong and weak in the since-deleted tweet: “His overall lyrics are good his stories phenomenal  BUT punchline entendre lyrically I don’t see it.” Clearly, Lupe did not think the Grammy award-winning rapper had any type of wordplay magic.

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The Chi-town rapper recently went on an Instagram Live session to send his apologies towards Lamar for his obscurely taken comments and vowed to the masses he will refrain from publicly sharing his opinion for now on. Fiasco also found the Insta live session to be the perfect opportunity to apologize to anyone his opinion or actions have ever gotten the chance to offend including Beyoncé for a photoshopped tweet, Alicia Keys over a leaked song, Pete Rock over a song he did not want to do, and several others.

“…maybe I should have just left it alone. Even though my impetus was the ‘Control’ verse. I mean, you put yourself out there like that, so you open yourself up for the critique,” Lupe expressed. “Even that, still I should have shut my f****** mouth. So I apologize for even engaging or talking about n***** careers or what n***** do or how they do it. It’s none of my business, so I’ll never speak about that shit again.”


Despite the sudden change of heart, Fiasco’s stance towards Kid Cudi remains unapologetic. Three years ago, the two former buds got into a heated Twitter exchange after Fiasco co-signed a comment Kendrick Lamar made about the shooting of Mike Brown, where Kudi accused Fiasco of “down talk” and Fiasco responded by deeming the “Day and Night” rapper as “disloyal.”  “I will never apologize to Kudi ’cause that s*** was so gay,” said Fiasco. “…certain people I just can’t…my body won’t let me do it. But much success to him and his squad and his team, everything that he does and all his friends but that needs to be settled on his side…”

Due to the explosive reaction the opinion of Lupe Fiasco draws, he finds it necessary to refrain from expressing himself for now on. “I’m not finna talk about s*** else because it just seems like every time I say something, it just get misconstrued into some other s*** and Y’all know that’s not why I say that.” If fans are interested in digging into the mind of Lupe, they will have to listen to his music. “I promise you, from this day forward, you will never hear no s*** from me unless it’s on an album and on some music.” How long will it be before the “Kick & Push” rapper breaks his silence? Watch Lupe drop his dearest string of apologies in the video below.